Top 10 Bike Safety Tips in 2022

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We’re kicking off National Bike Month with a little safety refresher! If you’re like most Long Beach Islanders, you’re probably finally brushing away the cobwebs on that bike of yours in preparation for the season ahead. But before your wheels touch ground, be sure to familiarize yourself with the basic bike safety tips we’ve outlined below. 

1. Perform a Bike Maintenance Check 

After that winter hiatus, it’s imperative you give your bike a once-over to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. At Shore Brake Cyclery, we offer a full menu of maintenance and repair services that range from tire pressure checks and brake adjustments, to shift cable replacements and cleanings. With the help of our certified mechanics, your bike will be ride-ready in no time.  

Bike Maintenance

2. Wear a Helmet 

Protect your noggin! Wearing a helmet is one of the easiest (and most important) safety measures you can take before embarking on a bike ride. At Shore Brake, we carry a variety of top-of-the-line brands (like Bell and Bontrager) that optimize safety, durability and comfort.  

Bike Helmets

3. Be Alert 

This goes without saying, but try to be as alert as possible when biking! Forgo phone usage and be on the lookout for poor road conditions: loose gravel, sand, puddles, and other potential hazards. 

4. Wear Bright Clothing 

Remember to wear bright (preferably neon) clothing on your evening cruises. Invest in cycling wear with special reflective features to help you stand out in cloudy or dark conditions. At Shore Brake, we carry neon jerseys from Bontrager and can work with you to special-order additional apparel that we don’t stock in-store! 

Bright bike jersey for bike safety

5. Install Rear View Mirrors 

While you should make a habit of looking behind you before making turns, added bike and helmet mirrors will provide an extra layer of vision for busy street cycling. One of our favorites that we keep in stock is the Mirrycle Mirror, a 3 inch round, adjustable mirror with a wide field of view! 

Bike mirrors for bike safety

6. Keep at Least One hand on the Handlebars 

Reserve “hands-free” biking for quiet residential roads! When operating your bicycle on bustling roadways (like the Blvd. on a busy Saturday), keep at least one hand on your handlebars at all times. This will optimize your balance and allow you to brake faster in case of emergency.

7. Explore Bike-Specific Paths 

Avoid busy fairways and opt for bike-friendly paths! Check out our blog on the Top 5 Places to Bike to on LBI for some of our favorite cycling destinations on Long Beach Island. 

8. Stay Hydrated  

Bicycling recommends drinking enough water to match the intensity of your exercise and the current weather conditions. Stop by Shore Brake to peruse our line of bottle cages!   

Bike Cages and Accessories

9. Ride with a Buddy 

Two bikers is better (and more visible) than one. Additionally, if something should happen to you while biking, your companion will be present to seek emergency services.

10. Know the Bike Safety Laws in Your State 

Whether you’re a year-round resident or summertime visitor, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with bike safety laws in New Jersey. For example, in addition to obeying traffic signals, a rider must be equipped with a headlamp, rear light and an audible signal (like a bell) when operating a bicycle. For more local standards, check out our blog Rules for Biking on LBI: Know the Rules of the Road

Now that you’re equipped with some of our top bike safety tips, enjoy National Bike Month out on the road! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more bike-related pointers.