Renting a Bike With Kids on LBI

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Since you have decided to take your family vacation in the incomparable Long Beach Island, you are probably deep in the vacation planning mode. That is why we wanted to offer these suggestions so that you will get the most out of our visit to LBI.

If you and your family members like to ride bicycles, then you will love exploring the island with the help of a rented bike. The process is easy-peasy when you choose to get the bikes’ your family needs from Shore Brake Cyclery. As a full-service bike shop and rental shop, we have all the bikes you could possibly need. There are Beach Cruisers, road bikes, and even kids’ bikes.

In order to have an easy time renting a bike with your kids, you may want to keep these things in mind:

Make a Reservation

While it is possible to just walk in one day and get the rental you need, that isn’t very likely all times of the year. During the warmer times of the year, tourists will be snagging up the bicycles. If you have solid travel plans, you will want to make a reservation for the days and time periods that you need.

Include Enough Time

Let’s face it, kids can move slowly and want to stop at every nook and cranny. Whatever rental time period you think you need, increase it by at least an hour. Think about how hard your little one’s legs will be burning trying to keep up with the older, and more long-legged, members of the family. Everyone will need to slow down to the slowest member of the group’s time. You will also want to build in extra time for stopping for snack and bathroom breaks.

Know the Rules Regarding Safety

Most states and cities have laws that require cyclists to wear bicycle helmets, right? Well, there are other safety laws have been put into place to help keep you and your children safe during a ride. Things like helmets, reflective gear, lights, and hand signals should be considered. Teach your children the proper way to signal turns, and stress the importance of wearing their helmet anytime they are on the bike. Shore Brake Cyclery has all the accessories you might need such as: helmets, baskets, and bike locks that are included in the rental.

Specialty Items

We want to make the process of getting around Long Beach Island by bike super easy. That is why we have lots of accessories that can be rented with your bicycle. These accessories have been chosen with a family in mind. We have baby seats that can be rented for various terms including one hour up to one week. You can also get a tag-a-long or a trailer for your bike for toting those children that aren’t big enough to ride on their own. If your kids are a little older, we also have kid-sized bikes available.
Once you have all the items you need, you will need to choose a route. It is often easier to decide on bike routes before your vacation. Waiting until you arrive or have already rented your bike wastes precious riding time. The knowledgeable staff members at Shore Brake Cyclery can help you map out a good route if you need assistance.

Other Beach Items

Other rental items can be had to improve your vacation. We can provide beach carts, beach umbrellas, and beach chairs so that you can have hours of fun playing next to the rolling waves.
As soon as you have your plane tickets booked and beach house paid for, contact Shore Brake Cyclery and reserve your bikes. Your family will be so excited to explore the island. You can ride your bikes out to the lighthouse or just to get ice cream. Whatever way you choose to spend your riding time, it is sure to be great.