New Bicycle Brand Spotlight: Cervelo

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At Shore Brake Cyclery, we pride ourselves with carrying the best brands in the cycling industry for our customers. We thought it would be a great idea to highlight a brand each month to provide our customers more insight as to what makes these brands so great and why we carry them in the first place. We hope that you enjoy these pieces, and as always post your comments/questions below. 

This month we are featuring one of our newest brands to Shore Brake Cyclery: Cervelo

If you have been into cycling for any length of time, there is a very good chance that you know this name already. Cervelo has been one of the top brands in cycling for more than two decades now. The company, based out of Canada, came into the spotlight in 1996 when Phil White and Gerard Vroomen launched it at the Toronto Bike Show. Over the years, they have developed a number of different types of bikes, which we will examine below.


R-Series Road Bikes are made to be lightweight and stable, and to provide performance for all types of riding. As with the other series of bikes from the company, many options are available in the series. The C-Series options are endurance road bikes for those who are going to be riding for long distances and who want a stable, comfortable, and lightweight bike that can still provide a lively ride. Check out how the R Series performs here.




S-Series Aero-Road Bikes can be a good choice for those who like sprinting and going fast. You will find that the bikes in this series, which you can view here, are aerodynamic and provide an ideal amount of stiffness and ride quality. The popular P-Series bikes are for time trials and triathlons. These are some of the most popular bikes when it comes to those who enjoy time trials and triathlons. They are easy and comfortable to ride, they provide an ideal level of stiffness, and they are nice and fast.

S Series S3 Ultegra Di2


Another option for those who enjoy triathlons will be the PX-Series. These are the most aerodynamic bikes from Cervelo, and they can provide the comfort and the user-friendliness that is needed. Need a boost of athlete inspiration? Watch this short clip featuring the PX-Series bike. P3X Ultergra Di2


We are most excited about the newest addition to the Cervelo family of bikes: The Aspero. This gravel bike is ideal for riders that want a bike they can take literally anywhere and truly explore their surroundings. See The Aspero in action here. This bike is “engineered not to roam the trails, but to slay them.” Aspero Ultegra RX Olive


The Cervelo brand offers more than just great bikes. You will find that they also have a great selection of apparel and gear to make sure you are ride ready. 

We have been fortunate enough to become a Cervelo dealer earlier this year and it has been a great addition to our floor. Stop in to check them out and learn more about this outstanding brand.