Brand Highlight: Brooklyn Bicycle Company

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This season, we’ve taken on a whole new brand at Shore Brake Cyclery: Brooklyn Bicycle Company! In this blog, we’re going to tell you a bit about this quality, East Coast company and why we’re excited to be introducing them to Long Beach Island… 

About Brooklyn Bicycle Company 

Based in (you guessed it) Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Bicycle Company is infamous for their quality, affordable products. As carriers (and fans), we can attest to the impeccable craftsmanship achieved in their extensive line of bikes and accessories. We also love that this brand takes pride in its roots, owing much of its design inspiration to Brooklyn. Each bicycle is actually named after a street from the city! How cool is that? 

But what we love most about Brooklyn Bicycle Company is its mission: to help everyday folks explore their communities. Their goal is to create affordable bikes that encourage community immersion and, subsequently, appreciation! 

Brooklyn Bicycle Company bike on the beach on Long Beach Island

What Makes Brooklyn Bicycle Company Special 

Brooklyn Bicycle Company prioritizes durability without sacrificing aesthetics and comfort. For example: they craft the bulk of their frame tubing with super-strong chromoly steel. The result? A lightweight-yet-sturdy product. 

Brooklyn Bicycle Company also ensures that each bike is weather resistant – an ideal feature for coastal users! Every model is given three coats of paint and outfitted with aluminum and stainless steel parts. Their hubs incorporate sealed bearings to keep water from infiltrating and rusting the wheels. Some models even include a rust inhibiting coating on the chain for added protection! 

What We’re Excited About 

While we’re hyped about all of the Brooklyn Bicycle Company products on the shop floor, we’re particularly thrilled about the arrival of the Brighton 7 Speed Cruiser. And we think you will be too. 

This ultra relaxed cruiser combines comfort with functionality. Featuring a 7-speed drivetrain, thick tires, plush grips, a wide saddle and alloy frame geometry, this model was made for beach cruising… and then some.

The Brighton 7 Speed Cruiser also boasts multiple mounting points for accessories like baskets and rear carrier. Perfect for beach days or lengthy commutes! 

Brighton Seven Speed Cruiser

Test Drive Brooklyn Bicycle Company 

Stop by Shore Brake Cyclery to test ride Brooklyn Bicycle Company and see what all the fuss is about! Their models are as stunning as they are functional, and we can’t wait to share them with you.